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How We Began

On May 27, 2020, my son completed suicide. 

His name was Jamal. He was 19 years old, and it was the worst day of my life!

Jamal was my firstborn child. He embodied love, kindness, and respect. Jamal was the type of kid you’d want to have as a friend for life.

Although he is no longer here in SIGHT, I realize that he left us his loving SOUL.


One way to keep his soul alive is through his belongings, in particular-his shoes.




I started Soul Survivors of Chicago to honor his legacy and others who have lost a loved one to suicide, violence or trauma.



At Soul Survivors of Chicago, we focus on Three Important Needs- Support, Education and Awarness.  


With our "Walk in Purpose" project we  donate new and lightly used shoes in memory of our lost love one and give them to someone in need.   Each shoe is labled with the name of the lost loved one.  This "gift" is with the understanding that you are "walking in the shoe of someone unable to move forward in life...therefore,  "Walk in Purpose." 


Secondly, we focus on providing crisis financial supports to persons  impacted by violence or trauma.  These funds can be used to help support a person who has been impacted by Suicide, trauma and loss.. 


And finally, we provide education, prevention and awareness around the importance of mental health and wellness to BIPOC communities .  This is done through our monthly support group, speaking engagements and community activities that connect us....and ultimately strengthen us so that we are no longer underserved and unreached!


Please join us Today!

Soul Survivors of Chicago, NFP


Soul Survivors of Chicago, NFP mission is to provide suicide prevention, awarness, 

 and education to our BIPOC and underserved community. 


Our mission seeks  to enhance the importance of Mental Health to our BIPOC communities while providing much

needed emergency crisis funds to individuals impacted by suicide trauma and loss.

Soul Survivors of Chicago, NFP. works to mitigate suicide risks  through training and workshops, speaking engagements, support groups and  education addressing the  awareness of mental health, suicide, trauma and loss.

Our focus impacts: 

a. Schools

b. Community outreach programs
c.  Underserved populations with limited mental health programs
d. Formally incarcerated individual 

e.  Financial needs for persons impacted by suicide, loss or trauma.

f.   Mobile Crisis responders

And through all things, we honor the legacy of Jamal Leo Clay.

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