The SOUL of One Shoe

The gifting of our loved one's shoes is an essential part of our work.  

We take donations from family, friends, and individuals who desire to donate the shoes of their loved ones. In turn, we provide the shoes to organizations, and individuals, in need. 

The "gift" of our shoes is the message about each person who passed due to trauma, violence, disease, or suicide.  

We ask each gift recipient to REMEMBER that they are walking in the shoes of someone we lost. Therefore "walk in purpose" when wearing the shoes.


Soul Survivors of Chicago, NFP seeks to support individuals impacted by trauma, violence, suicide, and disease. 

We offer scholarships and financial support to make a real difference in the lives of those impacted by loss, violence, suicide, and trauma.

Our awards provide a myriad of support for those in need. Assistance can range from academic scholarship, to financial hardship assistance.

Award amounts vary throughout the year. Requests for assistance will be published monthly on our website and social media platforms.






At Soul Survivors of Chicago, NFP, we strive to share our message with the community. 

Our community outreach team seeks to provide educational workshops, and conduct speaking engagements on the importance of mental health and wellness. 

We work to help schools districts, education providers, community, and other non-profit organizations learn more about the importance of mental health awareness while sharing the story of Jamal with the world.